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For Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Hematologists, Oncologists, Autoimmunity Experts, Academic Researchers, Biologists, etc.

AVM0703 selectively ablates T and B lymphocytes and monocytes, and lymphodepletes neutrophils at the target clinical dose.  Basophils (reduced only at the 6 hour time point) and eosinophils (reduced only at the 24 and 48 hour time points), platelets, RBCs are spared, and HSC and MSC are spared or increased.

For Patients and their Loved Ones

Relapsed/Refractory Lymphocytic Blood Cancer and Non-responding Autoimmune Patients and their Loved Ones

We at AVM believe that there should be a treatment option that allows you to have a good quality of life with your loved ones without exhausting your finances. 

For Business Leaders & Potential Investors

The ability to replace toxic chemotherapy represents an investing and partnering opportunity that is not only significant in monetary value but also impactful in social value. 

In the U.S. alone, total patients who can be treated with AVM0703 represent a $30B dollar annual revenue opportunity. 

Our Mission Statement

We are here to develop products that will end human exploitation in biomedical research and medical treatments.

Human exploitation can be physical, for instance, black market sales of organs for transplant; it can be financial, for example, the financial toxicities of the newer cancer and autoimmunity treatments because of their high non-reimbursed price tags; it can be neglect, for instance, the absence of uninjurious medical options for vulnerable patient populations such as the elderly, children, the poor or disabled. For example, children treated with chemotherapy have a 3 to 13 fold increased risk of getting another cancer within 20-30 years of treatment, yet, chemotherapy remains the standard regimen for children.

Our Focus

Data from our mouse studies have consistently demonstrated AVM0703's efficacy and safety as:

Standalone Treatment Against Lymphoma

Our recent mouse data have demonstrated that AVM0703 is as effective against Lymphoma and Melanoma as chemotherapy with anticipated toxicity/adverse events that are transient and manageable. 

Preconditioning Before CarT Treatment

Our recent data in mouse melanoma model demonstrates the ability of AVM0703 preconditioning to enhance CarT reduction of melanoma tumor volume as much as chemotherapy preconditioning. 

"Immune-reset" for Autoimmune Diseases

Lymphoablation can cure autoimmune diseases. AVM0703 lymphoablates equivalently to toxic chemotherapy with recovery observed in only 7-14 days, reducing the need for transfusion and infection risk. Therefore, treatment costs are dramatically reduced.

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