Optimizing Cell-Based Therapies

Whether it’s regenerative medicine or immuno-oncology, cell-based therapies are moving forward at break-neck speeds. Unfortunately, the body’s own safeguards create significant hurdles for the delivery of these amazing medical breakthroughs.

AVM Biotechnology has developed patented, breakthrough cell therapy-focused technologies to ensure an up to 30 fold increase in the delivery of these therapies to their intended medical target – with a focus on  regenerative medicine and cancer therapies.

We are also focused on bringing personalized medicine to reality. Our patented technology utilizes re-programmed adult “iPS” cells for safer and more effective generic or patient-specific fully human biologic drug manufacturing.

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Our R&D Pipeline

Regenerative Medicine - We Can Make Any Stem Cell Work Better.

Our Phase II-ready lead molecule, AVM0703, redirects, and increases stem cell engraftment in target organs and tissues enabling a potentially dramatic improvement in the safety and efficacy of stem cell-based therapies. AVM0703 transforms stem cells from promise to reality for people afflicted with debilitating or life-threatening diseases. Currently, we have active programs for regenerative solutions for Osteoarthritis, Liver Disease, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease and Biliary Atresia. Because of its universal mechanism of action, AVM0703 will enhance the effectiveness of diverse stem cell types in any disease. Contact us for partnership opportunities

Internal Clinical Development Programs

Stage: IND
Liver Failure
Stage: Pre-clinical
Stage: Pre-clinical
Biliary Atresia
Stage: Pre-Clinical
Parkinson's Disease
Stage: Pre-clinical

Immuno-Oncology & Cancer Therapy

Cellular immunotherapy, such as CAR-T, TCR, TAC, NK and others, requires lymphodepletion pre-conditioning to be effective. Currently, toxic chemotherapy is used for this preconditioning. Sadly, as many as 1 in 5 cancer patients cannot tolerate the toxic chemotherapy and do not qualify for potentially life-saving cellular immunotherapies. AVM0703 has a preferable lymphodepletion profile with dramatically reduced or no toxicity. AVM0703 pre-treatment keeps the cell therapy in the blood stream where it can find and kill the target cancer cells. AVM0703 can also enhance long-term engraftment potential of the cell-based therapies.

We are seeking license partners to develop and commercialize our lead product AVM0703 for use with CAR-T, TCR, TAC, NK, and other cell-based immunotherapies to replace the toxic chemotherapy pre-conditioning currently required. In the hyper-competitive cellular immunotherapy field, combining AVM0703 with your cell-based product will deliver market dominance since the preferred pre-conditioning will be non-toxic AVM0703. Contact us for partnership opportunities


Cell Therapy Biodistribution
PlenaStem™ Mechanism of Action

Fully Human Biologics

We are developing proprietary novel manufacturing solutions based on reprogrammed human iPS cells for improved universal biologic manufacturing to overcome drug resistance issues (Better Biologics™). These reprogrammed iPS cells can also be used for personalized medicine and development of patient-specific biologic manufacturing (Boutique Biologics™), which may be advantageous for rare diseases, such as hemophilia, in which a patient is on life-long therapy and at high risk of developing drug resistance and/or neutralizing antibodies.

Up to 30% of patients taking blockbuster drugs such as recombinant Factor VIII products develop hypersensitivity, infusion reactions or neutralizing antibodies. Our patented iPS technology solves the drug resistance and the manufacturing safety problems faced by people who require chronic or life-long biologic drug therapy.

AVM has the only fully human approach that offers patient-specific manufacturing and thus additional product safety advantages. 

We are seeking partners to develop and commercialize this technology. Contact us for partnership opportunities

Universal Manufacturing
Stage: Discovery & Lead Validation
Patient-Specific Manufacturing
Stage: Discovery & Lead Validation

The Science Behind AVM0703

The spleen is a sink that binds stem cell and cell-based therapies for cancer, preventing them from circulating in the blood stream where they can target damaged tissue or cancer.