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Our Focus

Our Focus

Data from our mouse studies have consistently demonstrated AVM0703's efficacy and safety as:

Standalone Treatment Against Lymphoma

Our recent mouse data have demonstrated that AVM0703 is as effective against Lymphoma and Melanoma as chemotherapy with anticipated toxicity/adverse events that are transient and manageable. 

Preconditioning Before CarT Treatment

Our recent data in mouse melanoma model demonstrates the ability of AVM0703 preconditioning to enhance CarT reduction of melanoma tumor volume as much as chemotherapy preconditioning. 

"Immune-reset" for Autoimmune Diseases

Lymphoablation can cure autoimmune diseases. AVM0703 lymphoablates equivalently to toxic chemotherapy with recovery observed in only 7-14 days, reducing the need for transfusion and infection risk. Therefore, treatment costs are dramatically reduced.