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“Immune-reset” for Autoimmune Diseases

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Lympho-Ablation can Cure Autoimmunity

Compared to chemo, avm0703 speeds recovery and eliminates post-treatment transfusions and infections spares pmns, plts, rbcs and hscs.
HALT-MS Nash 2015 BEAM Crohns Haselblatt 2012 Brierley 2018 Cy-ATG T1D Malmegrim 2017 Cy-ATG AVM0703
CD4 Nadir* 22 cells per μL 115 cell per μL 155 cells per μL 25 cells per μL
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AVM0703 lympho-ablates to the same extent as BEAM.
CD8 Nadir 50 cells per μL 172 cells per μL 464 cells per μL 1.4 cells per μL
B Lymphs Nadir 12 cells per μL 30 cells per μL 97 cells per μL 58 cells per μL
Time to Lymphocyte Recovery >6 months >1 year >9 months 7-14 days
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Spontaneous lymphocyte recovery is evident within 7-14 days demonstrating that AVM0703 reduces the need for transfusion and infection risk, hence, dramatically reduces treatment costs.
Disease Relapse 17% at 66 mos (5.5 yrs) ~70% within 10 months ~ 50% under 3.5 years N/A